Boston Technical

Boston Technical offers a wide range of services to our clients, including infrastructure design and management, business continuity and disaster recovery, network security auditing/enforcement, and cloud based application development.

I'm the Bo$$

I'm the Bo$$

Managed IT Services

Boston Technical offers a dedicated team approach to our client's IT management.  Planning, deployment, monitoring of your systems will be handled by IT professionals that you know and trust on a personal basis.  Each Boston Technical staff member you work with will be highly experienced and industry certified, some will also have current or prior government clearances at the TS/SCI level.   If you're tired of chasing down your current MSP, trying to get the service you promised - only to end up with a random technician you don't even know on the other end of a chat session, then you're ready to meet the Boston Technical team.  Our team members hold the below certifications:

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Boston Technical views Disaster Recovery as an integral component, but not the only component, of a client's Business Continuity strategy.  Starting with a Business Continuity Plan, our team works with clients to determine where risks and vulnerabilities exist, whether there are measures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate these vulnerabilities, and what resources need to be present to recover if the unfortunate were to happen.  Once we settle on the appropriate risk/vulnerability reduction measures that will be taken,  implementing recovery and business continuity measures are the next step.   Natural disasters, ransomware attacks, disruption of backbone data services, or even the sudden loss of a critical employee are items that need to be considered in all the Business Continuity planning, documenting, and implementation process.

As a Silver Level Microsoft Partner, Boston Technical is uniquely positioned to partner our internal staff experience with Microsoft's premier consulting resources to develop a streamlined set of resources that will provide a complete set of options for both on and off-site recovery.  


Intrusion Prevention and Detection


I work here... at least I think I do...

I work here... at least I think I do...



Data Center/Server Virtualization

One of Microsoft most effective options for the implementation of fault-tolerance and complete disaster recovery, is Microsoft's Hyper-V Server Virtualization Platform.  Our team specializes in Microsoft Hyper-V physical-to-virtual migration, real-time replication, and full disaster recovery implementations.  We look forward to showing you the effectiveness of using Hyper-V both for internal fault tolerant computing, and as a highly effective disaster recovery solution.


Security Scanning and Attack Readiness



HIPAA/DoD Inspection Preparation



Secure Application Development



Cloud Based Hosting

Stand Out!  It's never too late to Smile.

Stand Out!  It's never too late to Smile.